Laura Zeigler has taught yoga to adults and kids since 2010. As a graduate of Naropa University, she studied yoga, meditation, contemplative education, aikido and Sanskrit. Before yoga, Laura taught preschool and has worked professionally with children for over 15 years. By practicing and teaching yoga, Laura has seen what a potent, life-changing tool it is and her desire to help others discover this continues to fuel her passion to teach. She believes in employing multiple forms, allowing students to discover their own inner teacher.

In 2014 she was certified to teach AcroYoga and is particularly excited by it because she loves practicing in community. Through AcroYoga she discovered Thai massage, which continues to deepen her understanding of both physical and spiritual anatomy as well as her practice of conscious, healing touch. She is grateful for the opportunity to enrich her community by teaching mindful Yoga and AcroYoga classes for kids and teens, adults, and families.

When she is not on the mat teaching or practicing, you can find Laura spending quality time with her family, working at yoga and music festivals, or upside down in the park - either on her hands or someone else’s feet!


Yoga Instruction

Laura teaches yoga to groups in studios and at events as well as privately in studios and in client’s homes. She specializes in the areas of gentle/therapeutic yoga, core strength, alignment, breathwork, guided meditation, yoga for beginners, partner yoga and family yoga.


One of Laura’s passions both to teach and for personal practice is AcroYoga. She is excited about using Thai Massage, Partner Yoga and AcroYoga to explore how movement, play, gratitude and conscious touch deepen our relationships, strengthen our bodies and challenge our minds.

Yoga for Youth

Laura teaches Yoga and AcroYoga for kids, starting as young as toddler age. She teaches weekly classes during the school year as well as family workshops and birthday parties. In the Summer she hosts yoga camps and works in conjunction with Rainbow Lightning to bring yoga and other kids’ movement arts to festivals. She has a special affinity for teens and relishes any opportunity to work with youth in this very special time of development.

Thai Massage

This form of bodywork includes assisted stretches which makes it akin to Yoga. In fact, it is sometimes called “the lazy man’s Yoga” because it’s like the therapist is doing Yoga TO you. Sessions are done clothed on a large mat and can be anywhere from 90 minutes - 3 hours long. Laura employs her knowledge of both physical and spiritual anatomy while she works for wholistic release and healing. Her practice of conscious, healing touch also includes luxurious Therapeutic Flights, in which the recipient can release deep holding patterns of stress and tension.

Created by Joshua Frye & Laura Zeigler - Copyright 2016-18 - Photos by Ben Morris, Vanessa Vitali & Lisa Mia Studios